8 Reasons, Why BlueHost Is The Best Option ( BlueHost Review 2018 )

Do you look for a good, fast and stable hosting? Do you upset when your website down?  Do you boring form bad hosting provider?

I think … YES you are…

So you are in the right place to talk about “BlueHost” the best hosting provider in the world. Her in BlueHost review you will know why I like it so much and know what is the best hosting for wordpress 2017.


You can see this video:


Look …

When you start a business online which is very  important to you, and you must have a stable website or blog which is fast and stable and without website down.

To have that you must host your website on a stable and strong host provider like BlueHost then you will build your own website.

You can visit the BlueHost and buy a good hosting or if you like to read this review about BlueHost for more info.


Quick BlueHost review


Quick BlueHost review


Why BlueHost is the best hosting provider:

  • Free domain ( .com or .net or … etc )
  • Free site builders
  • Pricing starting from $3.95 / month
  • Over $150 in offer in Google, Bing, and other offers
  • BlueHost coupon give you a 40% off
  • 24/7 good technical support


Other good stuff about BlueHost:

  • One click WordPress installing
  • Easy to install any script
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • BlueHost is hosting over 2 MILLION websites
  • The BlueHost rating is over 7/10 which is very good
  • The website is


After the list you will know the “BlueHost com” is the best option, you can sing up NOW and get a 40% off, free domain and other good stuff, this offer just for woowhosting visitor. Or you chick out all the BlueHost Review to like BlueHost more and more.


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Do you know why I am hosting woowhosting in BlueHost and other 2 million site. I think you know that; it is clear that the 2 million people that hosting there site on BlueHost know how it is very good and it has a great credibility. Any way you can see the best report about BlueHost in 2017.

I hope you like BlueHost after these world. In this review, we will talk about:

  • BlueHost WordPress hosting.
  • BlueHost hosting plans.
  • BlueHost pricing.
  • BlueHost domain.
  • BlueHost VPS.
  • BlueHost coupon.
  • BlueHost email.
  • BlueHost support.


I know that I talk so much but I am so exiting when I talk about BlueHost and the service that it provides to her customer.  I highly recommended BlueHost because the reason that you will see on this review.


There are 7 reasons That you will be love BlueHost so much for hosting your sites (BlueHost Reviews):


1- BlueHost and WordPress hosting

The confess that the BlueHost is the best to host the WordPress script. It was the first hosting that be confessed by and it is still in the top of the hosting that be confess.

BlueHost WordPress hosting

The one click installing not just for the WordPress, it is also using for any script you like to install in your host.



How To Install The WordPress On BlueHost.


See this video for more information about the WordPress and BlueHost:


2- FREE SSL for WordPress

BlueHost gives you a free SSL for your WordPress website.  This will be sucure your site, and convert it from http:// to https://. It will be take a 4 hour.

free SSL from bluehost


3- BlueHost plans and pricing

BlueHost provides many plans to suit your business with a good price. It provides shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, VPS hosting and domains.

BlueHost provides many payment option to pay for your hosting, like: Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.


4- BlueHost domain

BlueHoste give you a FREE one domain (for one year) when you first sing up in any plans.

And it give you cheap domain to buy and you will be using it in your BlueHoste host or in other hosting.

You can check your domain now:


5- BlueHost coupon code

You can’t find a BlueHost coupon code, but you will find a good offer by click her BlueHost Offer. This offer include 60% off and FREE domain for all plans.


6- BlueHost email

Every plan you buy you will get unlimited email account with your domains and it has unlimited storage.

Expiation from that the basic plan in shared hosting plan, which you will get 5 email addresses with is too much for small business.

You can get an email like this:


7- BlueHost support

BlueHost has a 24/7 free technical support on email, online chat and phone. This support has a good staff stand by to help you in your problems and issues.

You will waiting over 5 minute to get there support when you used online chat to get the support.


8- Fastest Of BlueHost

You need a fast host for your blog to get a fast website. This is requires many options include choosing a quick host like BlueHost. See this video to know more:



Do you know something else about BlueHost that make me like it more.


Summary of BlueHost review

After this ” BlueHost reviews ” you know why I like Blue Host so much and I host my sits on it and other 2 million people.

You can see that the BlueHost hosting provides a good plans with a cheap price and you know that you will have ” BlueHost coupon ” when you click her.

If you face a problem you know that the BlueHost have a good support staff to help you in any time.


You can click her or on the image below

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