7 Steps, How To Create WordPress Blog

I think you like to have your own blog, but you don’t know nothing how to create a blog. Don’t worry, creating a blog especially when you will use the WordPress is too easy.

That’s not all …

The best advantages that making WordPress the best candidate for your blog:

  • No code knowledge required.
  • Easy to use and edit.
  • Over 90% of blogs are using the WordPress.


You can see in the infographic below how many biggest website brand that using WordPress:

wordpress sites


Here’s the deal:

You can create your blog In 7 easy steps:

  • Get your hosting.
  • Install the WordPress.
  • Knowing the WordPress dashboard.
  • Choose the best theme.
  • Install plugins.
  • Start blogging.
  • Growing your blog.


Look …

Don’t worry, these 7 steps are too easy and you can understand it.


Create WordPress Blog


The best part?!

That you can get a FREE domain, you see the first step to get your gift, this offer just for WoowHosting fans.


1- Get Your Hosting:

The web host is necessary for your WordPress blog. This host aloud your visitor to visit your blog in any time without site down. By hosting the images, files, videos and contacts that you use it in your blog.

You can see this video to know more about web hosting:


That all you have to know about WordPress hosting. Why? Because all of your work will be in WordPress dashboard, but we use the hosting dashboard to install the WordPress that will be easy and some other stuff.

The cost of WordPress hosting is usually between $2-10/month. It is cheapest of a cup of coffee every day on a fancy restaurant.

The WordPress must be install on a good hosting like BlueHost. Don’t worry, this install will be done in one click ( see the next step ).

bluehost advantages





And you can see this review about BlueHost:


Now we will guide you to buy a web host from BlueHost:

1- Go to the BlueHost, then click on Get Starting Now ( click her or on the ads below to get the offer)



2- Select your plan that good for you:


3- Enter your domain. Its FREE for you:


4- Fill your information correctly:


5- Chose your package (12,24 and 36 month), other thinks it is your chose:


6- Enter your payment information, you can bay on Visa or by PayPal:


After these steps, you have to go to your email to see all the billing information.

Now you have your hosting, and ready to create your blog.

After you sing in to the BlueHost, you can see BlueHost dashboard, it is too easy to know:

BlueHost dashboard


2- Install The WordPress:

This is the simple step you can do it. Just in few steps you can install the WordPress correctly in your host.

This step NOT required very good knowledge in hosting. Just follow the easy steps to install the WordPress.


Now we will guide you to install the WordPress on BlueHost:

1- Log in in your BlueHost account, from the dashboard chose “website” then “Install WordPress“. See the picture below:


2- Select the “Domain” then “Next“. See the picture below:


3- Fill the site information, like: “Site Name”, “Admin Username”, “Admin Email Address” and “Admin Password”, then “Next“. See the picture below:


4- The WordPress is installing. Wait a little, it will not take a few minutes. See the picture below:


5- Congratulations, your installing was successful. See the picture below:


6- Now you are ready to go to your site, just login in using: “yourdomain.com/wp-admin” using the username and the password that you inter in step 3. See the picture below:


3- Knowing The WordPress Dashboard:

After you log in in your WordPress (using the link that will be send to your email) you will see the dashboard.

You have to know how you used WordPress dashboard, it is allowed you to manage your blog.

The dashboard includes:

  • Add and manage your posts.
  • Add and manage your pages.
  • Manage your media (images and videos).
  • Manage the comments on your posts.
  • Customize the appearance (themes, widgets, menus … etc.).
  • Add and manage the plugins.

We will discuss some of them on the next steps, but the other will be discuss in other post.

In this video you will see an overview of the settings in WordPress blog:


4- Choose The best theme:

This step is too important to make your blog beautiful and easy to use by your visitors.

You need a nice theme to install. There are a lot of  themes for the WordPress, you can choice a one that you like.

You can find a FREE themes, Just search for one. Or you can buy a premium themes and install it.

After you install the best theme that you like and suitable for your blog’s goal, now you must to customize it to become that you like.

You can see in this video how to install a theme in WordPress:


5- Install plugins:

One of the reason that I like WordPress is it has plugins. Why is that? Plugins help you to improves your blog or websites.

You will install the plugins that you need. There is a lot of FREE plugins online you can install, and some of them a premium plugin.


6- Start blogging:

Now you can start blogging by add posts to your blog, and you can add pages like: about us, privacy policy and contact us.

You can see this video to know how you can add a post in your WordPress blog:


7- Growing your blog:

Your blog is ready to have a visitors and growing your online business. There is a lot of way you can get a visitor like: SEO and social media.

This step, the important step you have to consider; the good business must have a visitors.





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